Solutions for sellers and food manufacturers, HoReCa.

Food&HoReCa interactive solutions

Food&HoReCa interactive solutions for sellers and food manufacturers, catering

Boost traffic

Additional (free) traffic is obtained by cross-sharing of product animation in social networks and instant messengers.

Reduce returns

If a company introduces modern interactive technologies, it means that it is progressive and fully cares about its users.

Increase sales

Try interactive content and you will never return to the usual “traditional” product photography.


On the one hand, foodstuffs are fairly easy to photograph – every person constantly encounters food and drinks in shops, restaurants and cafes, so the quality of photos does not play a decisive role. They even take pictures on the phone, as often happens. But the task of stimulating the purchase of a certain product requires quite serious skills from the photographer. But anyway, any photo has a certain creative and technical limit …

Food photography in an interactive format will add interest to the dish or product. Interactive menus on the site, interactive products in the online store – all this will add visitors and keep them. We have a mobile solution that can deploy a mobile stand for 3B photography in a few minutes in the territory of your restaurant or cafe. And it will cost commensurate with the usual professional photography.


Show a delicious product in 3D, while showing the contents of the jar – the perfect incentive to buy!


An excellent solution to convey the taste of wine and show in detail the bottle and label.


Appetite comes with eating … and while watching a tasty product in an interactive 3D mode!


An interactive, web-based presentation of juice packaging that can be rotated, scaled, and opened.


A regular glass can be displayed interactively, suitable for viewing on any device.


A new kind of classic product – online interactive display of beer in an aluminum can.

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