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Solutions for architectural offices, manufacturers of finishing materials, developers and designers


No one has yet interactively visualized the facades and rooms in a regular browser. And it will be in demand and will give traffic from social media.


When a customer has access to a virtual model of his future home at various stages of sales, his interest in purchasing increases.


If a company introduces modern interactive technologies, it means that it is progressive and fully cares about its users.


When a person thinks about building a house, making repairs or choosing furniture, he studies a huge number of sites where he sees the same thing in his opinion. Interiors, facades, house projects, photos, beautiful 3D renders. And in this variety of offers it is very important to somehow “hook” a client, select your sales and service offer.

To solve this problem, we suggest building a visual configurator on your site. Visitors to your site can not just look in the pictures interested in their interior, its element (for example, doors or windows) or the whole house, but twist it from all sides, walk along it. Directly on the site and on any device – from the phone to the computer, without installing any programs. Convenient, easy and very efficient.

But that is not all. It is possible to show a house or some part of it in photorealistic quality according to the options chosen by the user. Geometrical sizes, material, color and shade; variations log house, siding, wallpaper, floors, windows and doors. You can give the user a choice – change the details of the interior and exterior, adding there the most common texture materials.


An example of an interactive architecture: a cottage with a roof configurator and virtual floor plans. Any logic can be used: pseudo-and photo-realistic textures, virtual tours of various types, floor plans in 3D, any territories.


A real-time wallpaper configurator implemented in a photorealistic model that works on any modern device in a regular browser. Selection by parameters, visualization, various effects, day / night mode.


A cottage with an interactive map and viewing of the premises inside, as well as with the possibility of a promotional flyby. You can twist the scene, walk through the virtual rooms. Any logic, work with any projects, textures, materials is possible.


There is nothing better than letting the user choose the door for himself. And to do this not under the vigilant control of the seller, but at home, in front of a laptop or phone.


Choosing a new floor? See how it will look in an interactive 3D-mode. This will significantly reduce the time to choose and give a complete picture compared to renders or photos.

Play house

You can even visualize children’s houses. For such options, you can offer interactive assembly instructions, show the opening of doors and windows in dynamics, and put various floor mats on them.

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