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Sellers and manufacturers of children’s products and accessories.


Additional (free) traffic is obtained by cross-sharing of product animation in social networks and instant messengers.

Reduce returns

When a user has considered a product from all sides, including hidden features, there will not be an “unexpected” for him when he is brought to him.

Increase sales

Try interactive content and you will never return to the usual “traditional” product photography.


Пожалуй, ничто не выбирается с такой тщательностью, как детские товары. Огромное количество поставщиков, товарных позиций… здесь покупателю очень сложно не ошибиться и сразу сделать правильный выбор. Детский товар, который будет содержать в себе элементы интерактива, сразу привлечет к себе внимание детей и их родителей. Ребенок (а возможно и папа или дедушка) начнет играться с игрушкой еще до того, как купит.

Интернет магазины стараются сделать свои фотографии еще лучше: красиво, на белом фоне, от общих планов до детальных. Но к цели это приближает как-то не очень. Какое же решение? Чтобы повысить продажи интернет-магазина, просто обязательно нужно создавать интерактивный визуальный контент. И мы это умеем хорошо делать. Причем по очень выгодным ценам!


To show a complex object, for example, a transforming pram, it is best to use a user-controlled mode, where he can consider all variations of this product in a short time.


On the example of a children’s scooter, you can see how the interest of the product by the visitor of the site increases as compared with the traditional presentation of the product. Twisted a few seconds – and already want to buy this product!


To increase the interest of the potential buyer, the animation can be added to almost any product. You can add in one sequence and additional colors of the product, and show the object in unusual angles.


When the view from only one axis is not enough, you can add several more layers, simultaneously removing the product from several cameras at once.


Even an ordinary ball can be represented in 3D format. You can combine several colors in one subject, as in this example.


And also through the product animation you can very coolly show how the transformer is folded and unfolded. It will definitely interest the children and their parents.

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