3D interactive solutions for people and business

About company

INTERVEDIA is a dynamically rising Russian company operating in the online interactive segment for various industries.

Our mission is to develop 3D technologies for websites, expressed in practical implementations of interactive web projects of any complexity for customers from many industries.

3D solutions are used everywhere and for a long time, but it is 3D interactive in the usual browser that is most in demand now. The user does not need to download anything: it is enough to have a modern computer, phone or tablet with Internet access.

Interactive solutions can be used for a variety of applications. These are three-dimensional interactive products that can be twisted, scaled, and transformed.

These are visual web configurators that allow the user to instantly show a realistic result of choosing a composite product by parameters. These may include online training courses, infographics, and online instructions.

Key business areas

INTERVEDIA specializes in creating interactive 3D solutions for websites, and also has a number of related and supporting activities.

Studio interactive solutions

Interactive 3D graphics studio is one of the main focus. Despite the relative youth of technology, our experts are the best in class.

Web Studio

A web development division that specializes in creating and promoting modern Internet solutions: landing pages, websites, portals, distributed high-load Internet projects.

3D hardware solutions

The company has activities in the field of hardware and software systems related to 3D printing and scanning, and partnerships with Russian manufacturers and engineering companies.



Russian Federation, Moscow, Novokhokhlovskaya, 12

Opening hours

10:00 – 20.00
Monday – Sunday


Phone: +7 499 350 6075
Email: info@intervedia.com

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