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Furniture interactive solutions

Solutions for furniture designers, sellers and manufacturers

increase TRAFFIC

Additional (free) traffic is obtained by cross-sharing of product animation in social networks and instant messengers.

Brand credibility

If a company introduces modern interactive technologies, it means that it is progressive and fully cares about its users.

Increase sales

Try interactive content and you will never return to the usual “traditional” product photography.


When a buyer wants to buy furniture, he studies a huge number of online stores, in which he sees, in his opinion, the same thing. Beautiful photos, diagrams, videos; possibly realistic 3D renders. Some offer to choose furniture from the options, but without a realistic display of the resulting product.

Therefore, in the existing competitive environment, it is extremely important to somehow “hook” a client, select your particular sales and service offer among many others. To solve this problem, we propose to build a visual 3D furniture configurator on your website. The method is based on the latest technologies of three-dimensional real-time web modeling – this trend is still emerging, but has already established itself as an extremely effective tool for increasing sales!

Visitors to your site will not only be able to look at the piece of furniture they are interested in, but to twist it from all sides, to perform some active actions with it. Directly on the site and on any device – from the phone to the computer, without installing any programs. Convenient, easy and very efficient. It is possible to show in photorealistic quality a product with user-selectable options, to enable it to be transformed in any way, enlarged and rotated! Change modules, choose the size, material, color and shade of the various elements, pick up accessories: anything.


Option configurator sofa upholstery. We can choose the RAL-color palette, as well as the texture of the proposed options. An interesting solution for manufacturers, sellers and developers of upholstered furniture.


The example shows how to twist and enlarge the cabinet, as well as open the doors and slide out the lockers. An example may be useful to sellers and manufacturers of furniture.


An example of online visualization of the mattress with interactive elements. You can add any infographic, view the product in section, provide for the functionality of the change of fabric and internal content.

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