Solutions for industrial enterprises and design offices

Industry solutions

Interactive web 3D solutions for manufacturing enterprises, design bureau, pilot production.

With considerable experience in the field of constructing mathematical models online, we are able to create interactive learning materials. From simple solutions to fairly complex. A complex of simulation modeling based on the Lambda-Mu partner platform will allow creating virtually any physical model for workshops, seminars and laboratory classes.

3D printers

Industrial 3D printers based on the principle of selective laser sintering, capable of producing high-strength flew high-resolution, not requiring post-processing.

Interactive visualization

Interactive online visualization will support sales regardless of the type of product: consumer goods, services, or industrial products.

3D scanning

Highly accurate scanning and documentation of measurements made. Creating three-dimensional digital models of the surrounding space and objects.

Math modeling

Recreating a production process in virtual reality in order to visualize its key parameters is one of the tasks of the technology division. Basen on WebGL.


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