Visual Design Platform Lambda-Mu

Visual Design Platform Lambda-Mu

When someone – professional or just an amateur – decides to create a device, he emphasizes his design and functional properties and appearance. The basis of the device is created, various elements are added: motors, valves, relays … And when the prototype is ready, the desire to revive the mechanism appears.

Here begins the search for methods and means of visual modeling. We want our device to have an inner mind and perfectly control all the devices that are on board. And also that this device does not require huge investments in licenses, it was easy to learn and is available to anyone.

There are such solutions on the market, but in part they are intended either for purely professional use – and, as a result, they require extensive experience of the staff and budgets of the manufacturer. Either these are solutions from a series of designers for children, on which you can assemble a simple robot capable of performing simple movements and blinking a light bulb.

To start, just download the Lambda-Mu program, read the instructions, install the program on a personal computer and connect the hardware platform to it. Then you design the scheme of your device, link the active components and display devices into a single pool. And that’s all, the program will do everything for you.

Platform industry options

Have you created a device and need a control system? Embedded platform for creating device management systems with graphic and remote control will help to revive your devices.

Do not limit yourself, use the platform to activate your own device. Become the one who will make a completely ready unique device.

This is not a complete list of the technical directions of devices for which
take our platform:

CNC Machines

Classic, industrial and amateur machines, professional and amateur 3D printers


Autonomous and semi-autonomous robots: manipulators, mobile platforms in warehouses, vacuum cleaners


Laser and optical projectors, video walls, non-standard visual designs

smart House

Smart home systems: control panel of the house or part of the house, remote unit of management


Systems of heterogeneous devices for synchronized work: a group agricultural devices, a group of storage devices, farm with the same type of machines


Utility systems: imitation process control panels with the possibility of learning and of control


Road network infrastructure management: traffic lights, weight control, payment control


Simulation and training systems: with virtual panels, with VR, with electromechanical panels


Scanner, Barcode and POS terminal support


Navigation and multimedia equipment in the management of yachts, boats


Automatic cooking robots, such as pizza

Slot machines

Various attractions and vehicles in amusement parks.

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