This platform will definitely increase sales of your products. Since it is the user who controls the appearance of his future product.

"The prints configurator is a web application designed to be embedded in the website. Using it, your client can easily sketch the desired print directly on your 3D model of a t-shirt or something else... Even on sneakers and on an umbrella, they are currently printing themselves."
Yeggi Zaborovski
Development manager


Imagine that you gave your customers to create the desired souvenir. He tries to do something … it is clear that your guys will fix it a little bit later. But! He stays with you forever. And will be forever pleased!

Printed salons

For print shops and advertising agencies, an interesting solution is offered: a print visualizer. Want to show how a 3D print T-shirt will look like, show a pen, cap or mug with a printed logo? All this is quite realistic to do. And make quite inexpensive.


Using the web configurator, you can allow your customers to configure almost any product: clothes, shoes and accessories, signs, packaging, and more.

Create your configurator right now

Create a FREE prints configurator right now. To do this, just send a request for a free two-week test, and we will create for you a configurator of prints at an expanded rate.

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